Posted by: mzunguchick | August 5, 2007

The Royal Ballet comes to town!

We had such a rare treat the other night when the Royal London Ballet came to town.
There’s a great UK based charity NGO that has been set up here called The Kijani Trust who raises money in Kenya for HIV/AIDS and environmental conservation by bringing internationally acclaimed music and cultural events to Kenya to perform and raise money for their charity.
Anyway we got to see a ‘Ballet Spectacular’ which was a collection of traditional and modern ballet pieces with, what should have been Mara Galeazzi and her colleagues from the Royal Ballet. Sadly Mara Galeazzi got very sick the night before the performance and ended up in the hospital overnight poor girl, but the show went on, although slightly rearranged, without her and they were absolutely superb.
I must admit that at my ripe old age I had never been to any ballet performance before – bar the shows I took part in as a child from boarding school. Actually the only reason I ever took up ballet was that it was our treat of the week at boarding school as every Saturday we got to come into town in the school bus have our ballet lesson and then got to go via the bakery on the way back to school and we always use to fight to sit in the ‘dog box’ – which was the boot of the van – as there we could eat the middle out of the fresh loaves when no-one was looking!
I’m digressing – sorry! back to the ballet ….
The performance started with a very slow piece and worked its way through with more and more exciting pieces. The performers were awesome and the energy and athleticism they exuded was really breathtaking and they gave their all at the end. It was absolutely superb and so entertaining. How they can keep up the energetic lifts and spins and all with facial expressions to tell the story, it was really excellent entertainment and i would most definitely recommend that anyone who ever gets a chance should most definitely go to the ballet at least once in their lifetime. It should be on everyone’s list of ‘Things to do before i die!’ – so am glad i got to cross that one off myself, and thanks so much to all of those amazing performers who came all this way for our charitable causes and for everyone who made it happen. It really was excellent.
I must let you into a little secret though – i felt really very awful when we were told at the beginning of the performance that Mara Galeazzi was ill overnight as i had donated them their lunch! I didn’t dare ask anyone if that was the cause of her illness – hopefully it was just dehydration or perhaps she was stung by a nasty rampant African bee or something like that – but I’m really not sure, and i do hope to god i didn’t poison her! I have to assume that if it was anything to do with her lunch someone would have told me and i could have done something about it – so lets just hope it wasn’t that, and it was some other nasty that got her and that she is perfectly well now!!


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