Posted by: mzunguchick | November 8, 2007

Kudos for Lady Justice!

This is an article from one of our Dailies in Nairobi.

“A woman admitted in court to immobilising her husband by taking away his artificial leg and crutches to force him to give her money.
The accused, was said to have committed the offence on November 4th in Thika.
She said her husband sold a plot for Shs 300,000/- and refused to part with some of the money for domestic uses.
She told the court that she took the move since she knew that the husband would squander the money.
The Chief Inspector who led the prosecution said a quarrel had ensued after the man refused to account for the proceeds from the sale of the plot.
Thika Chief Magistrate released the accused and ordered her to take the artificial leg and crutches back to the husband.”

The Chief Inspector who took the woman to court was, of course, a man, and the Chief Magistrate who let her go, a woman!

Now who really thinks she was being unreasonable anyway? Wouldn’t it what any good self respecting wife would have done for a bit of housekeeping money in any part of the world! I think ‘kudos’ to her really – just a bit of a bummer the policeman got involved and locked her up because I think it would of worked a treat otherwise!!


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