Posted by: mzunguchick | March 10, 2008

Apparently It’s all about golf …………

Yesterday was the final day of the ‘Tusker Kenya Open Golf Championship’, the only gold tournament we have here yearly that is on the international circuit – so quite the big deal for us.

Anyway, it was a rather ‘honourable’ affair with both Messer’s Kibaki and Odinga showing up to follow the final holes and how jolly cordial it was too (although I’m not sure why anyone couldn’t have provided them both with a peaked cap or a pair of shades?!)

We all know Kibaki is rather fond of the game and apparently some other Kenyans got quite into another type of golf over the past few weeks – although not with the correct etiquette that is expected of golfers generally the world over.

It seems Raila has decided that now he is ‘Prime Minister Designate’ – perhaps it’s about time he learnt a thing or too about the ‘gentlemen’s sport’. – Probably because he’s just been told that the meaning of the word, (GOLF – Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden), and he’s thought it a brilliant plan to get away from his wife for the afternoon. It would certainly explain a lot as to why Kibaki’s such a fanatic about the game …….

After the tournament was over Kibaki and Raila both sat together and both gave a small speech. Kibaki started and read from cards as usual and talked of peace and reconciliation, and he didn’t stumble too badly over it which was a bonus (perhaps because the word ‘ethnicity’ was kept out of it for the international audience). Then Raila followed with an amusing tale comparing Kenya to the game of golf and how they took their eye off the ball, landed in the bunker and it has taken the pair of them to get it out ‘using the right club’!

Personally I think he should have used a quote from Robert Lynd ~ It is almost impossible to remember how tragic a place this world is when one is playing golf.

The killings here in Kenya haven’t gone away and continue sporadically. Just over the last few days at least 10 people have lost their lives. In Laikipia district they say it is all about cattle rustling and in the Burnt Forest area it is still an unsolved land issue, so as the politicians get friendly and have a lovely day out, Kenyans are still practising their pyromaniac skills and houses are burning and lives being lost, and as much as we are discouraged from using the taboo ‘tribal’ word, I do wish someone would talk me through the fact that even the parliamentarians are now on a mission about getting ‘one of their own people’ into the more powerful ministries.

However, one thing that I do personally think is positive is perhaps now that we have one Kikuyu and one Luo at the top end in positions of extreme supremacy, perhaps the untrustworthiness between the tribes may actually turn to benefit Kenyans as surely they will be watching each other very closely to make sure the right thing is seen to be done.


  1. What Kenya really needs is a Queen who’s above tribalism and will adjudicate disputes fairly. Her word will be final. I think she ought to be a white woman with a sexy bum. Do you have what it takes, Miss Chick?

  2. i think you are the bestest blog on kenya.

  3. Mr Bananas – if large counts as sexy, my unbiased bottom is most definitely up to the job!

    Anon – At last a fan – MWAH to you 🙂

  4. Yoo hoo – I am still here! And yet another fan of the voluble vociferous vixen of the Kenyan blog world. Maybe you should consider a name change to Foxy Chick?

  5. Twiga – I most certainly haven’t forgotten you and a bit MWAH MWAH there.
    Like the Foxy Chick idea although I may struggle to find a Fox as cute as my ostrich chick that dances just as well !!

  6. Agwamdo and the Baks cut quite a picture. Kibaki should try not to give speeches with Raila who is so much more eloquent, he looks at best…bad.

  7. BABA W&M

    I totally hear u on that one. Kibaki’s speeches are getting tired and lame, I mean he gives speeches for everything…we want him to talk direct at us, not read speeches, it’s boring.

    Raila talk to the crowd and I’ve noticed he talks at the level of his listeners. If he’s in kibera, he talks at their level, if in Karen Country club, he talks at the patrons’ level…

  8. Baba W&M and Lone Ranger – With you both. Raila speaks well at whichever he needs to in order to get his point across. Kibaki just reads what he’s given and makes it sound so insincere

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