Posted by: mzunguchick | April 7, 2008

Political Cartoon in Kenya’s Daily Nation today ..

(For those of you who may be unfamiliar, the ECK is the “Electoral Commission of Kenya” who royally cocked up our own results back in December, and are currently under investigation.)

This cartoonist ‘Kenny’ sums it up perfectly, no other words needed ……..



  1. I wish he really was that clueless in the art of rigging elections.

  2. Mr Bananas – You’re actually right. Anyway now he’s gone and arrested his electoral commissioners for ‘deflating his vote count’, and yet he was the one who appointed them all personally!

  3. do you have any news about the youth in kibera coming out in the streets to demonstrate and that tension is high in kusumu, eldoret, nakuru and naivasha? Are we back to zero again? Pity that the ordinary folks are the ones to suffer again. Didn’t they learn? Can’t they copy the citizens of zimbabwe who have not raised against each other despite all thats going on there?

  4. Anon – sorry to say, but yes, it’s all true, protestors have taken to the streets once more and it seems we are running backwards. Personally I’m still in shock ….

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