Posted by: mzunguchick | April 11, 2008

Perhaps the Italians have got it right …

First things first.

If I receive yet another email about the bloody obvious or anything else equally unhelpful
– like ….

”make your girlfriend worship you by adding some more inches to your shaft”,

“14 different ways to crush pain and inflammation” or

“decrease your cellulite, lose body fat and increase your libido”

…….. Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, hold on, I didn’t delete that one did I?
Damn, Damn, Damn….,

I shall resort to this ………

But just as I was about to lob the computer out of the first floor window, some inspiration appeared on my screen in the form of a “Reuters News Alert”.

Listen to this,

“Porn star unveils Italy campaign weapon – her bottom”…..…..

But of course, what else is essential is any political office, besides a nice, pert bottom ??

I read on ….

Targeting her male fan base, the veteran of Italy’s adult entertainment industry (porn star Milly D’Abbraccio) has plastered images of her derriere all around the Eternal City in a bid to win a seat in Rome’s city hall.

If elected, D’Abbraccio wants to create a red light area with strip clubs, erotic discos and sex shops called “Love City” just kilometres away from the Vatican. “It would be something cute, clean — nothing to do with prostitution,” said the actress whose films include “The Kiss of the Cobra” and “Paolina Borghese, Imperial Nymphomaniac”.

“People don’t want to see these politicians’ faces anymore,” she told Reuters in an interview from her Rome apartment.

As for experience, D’Abbraccio acknowledges she is a political novice but she did play a powerful lawmaker in an adult film called “L’Onorevole”.

“I played the part of the speaker of the lower house of parliament, who got very hot and then let herself go,” she said.

Excellent, she sounds like an exceedingly special candidate for any political agenda, with her ‘cute’ and ‘clean’ ideas ….

Ms D’Abbraccio for President I say.

At least it’ll be much more entertaining than this lot we’ve got ourselves stuck with over here I’m sure, and I’d rather my taxes were wasted on ‘erotic discos’ and ‘strip clubs’ than wasted lining some fat oaf’s personal pockets!

I’ve no idea why any Universities bother to teach any courses at all in “Politics”, as obviously the only qualification it takes to enter into any political assembly worldwide is to be a complete twit. And the bigger the twit you are, the higher up the political ladder you are likely to climb!



  1. It’s quite a tradition in Italy, Miss Chick. La Cicciolina was elected to their national parliament for her boobs, which she allowed her supporters to fondle. Africans have too much respect for the Big Man. Maybe you should write a cheeky newspaper column putting them in their place.

  2. My goodness – maybe this will start something with the men in politics…not that it would be interesting – but it might make their speeches quite a bit shorter – if you know what I mean!

  3. Mr Bananas – Sounds like a brilliant plan. I should imaging more boob fondling and bottom ogling would make parliament a much more relaxed place.

    Aims – the only problem may be the constant mopping of the floor from all the drooling !

  4. Just seen a newsflash (21.00 BST, Sat. 12 Apr) that TweedleKibaki and TweedleeRaila have reached an agreement – again.
    So, how long before one of them tears this one up?

  5. This Kibaki and Raila circus is wearing us out.

  6. can you please write a post on life in general in kenya – e.g a British couple intending to come and live there with a 3 year old child. What are the pros and cons.
    Thanking you.

  7. DM – newsflash maybe, but who really knows if they will or they won’t name this cabinet today. It’s still all talk and not confirmed as yet.

    Anon Anon 1 – I agree, it is far too boring all this going round in circles and getting nowhere.

    Anon Anon 2 – not sure I’m the right person to ask about coming to live here, as personally I think this country is one of the best in the world to bring up any children and I’m not really sure what the cons are – perhaps no government could be one – but eventually we’ll sort it and things will go on – that’s how it works here. We are a very friendly lot and love to share our beautiful country. Karibu.

  8. LOL about politics being taught at university. Too true! Perhaps they teach those working behind the scenes about how much to pout or refuse to budge?
    Either way, great news about the (imagined peace and stability that may emerge from the naming of) cabinet.

  9. Rista – Most definitely think that’s all they should bother teaching. A 3 year course on how to say “No, I cannot possibly agree to that”, and you’re sorted – degree of the first order 🙂

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