Posted by: mzunguchick | June 2, 2008

Long lost weekend for me ….

Well we have just done with a loooong weekend, and now we head into a 4 day week.
“Absolutely fabulous”, I hear you cry.

We woke up to these cheeky blighters in our garden …

Then off my son and I went to the Nairobi park with a bit of a packed lunch on board, and went and saw these …

and lots of these ….

And a few of these ….

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with these ….

And having a few games of this ….

Sadly right now, my life feels a bit like this ….

And so although it really was an excellent weekend (and I have the bruises to prove it), finding anything half full right now is becoming increasingly difficult, and yet as you can see from my photos, I have absolutely NO excuse at all to feel this way.

I do hope that I will wake tomorrow to a better frame of mind.

Wish me luck …



  1. i really like your pics!

  2. Africa is THE place! What pictures! We all have low moments, Miss Chick, just try to be patient.

  3. I’m jealous!!!

  4. I am trying to understand if you are complaining or bragging 🙂

  5. Rags – thanks 🙂

    Mr Bananas – thanks too for your understanding – you’re most definitely a pal x

    Ty – Karibu anytime

    Emil – Neither! Just showing the world what a beautiful and diverse country we live in and how incredibly lucky we are to live here no matter what goes on around us 🙂

  6. And my two tongolos come from Mr. Jim Morrison,
    “If all else fails, you can whip the horses eye…”

  7. Fabulous. I must take some photos of our city rats when they emerge. The ants seem to have disappeared and the squirrels are shy!
    Re feeling better- I know it sounds corny and you can give me a virtual thump, but what about thinking of something really nice once a day, or taking a great photo like you just have? It may not totally lift your spirits but it can’t hurt. Personally, I listen to great music and it helps.

  8. Sukuma – Thx for that 🙂

    Expatmum – Too true. I should pay more attention to my other blog “Mobile Mzungu” and send in a ‘something to lift my spirits’ once a day. It’s a great idea. Thanks for that. I do need a kick up the arse 🙂

  9. Isn’t it great to be surrounded by such beauty? How often I take it for granted that i can get into a car and 20 minutes later, I’m taking in all this wonderful scenery that i have dome nothign to deserve!

  10. I’m trying to read between the lines here and I’m wondering if I sense something I’m familiar with.

    Get yourself some fishoil – in the capsules preferrably – and some multi-vitamins – and Vitamin B Complex.

    Two fish oil a day to start. Give it a week and if no change – increase the fish oil.

    Take the Vitamin B at night – it actually helps you sleep

    (call me in the morning)

  11. Amazing pics. I want to go there too but I know what it’s like, you can be in the most amazing place and know it is amazing but still feel down. Aren’t we humans totally cracked up sometimes?

  12. You are in a mid life crisis..I really do think.
    Pray and let God guide you.

  13. Damn those monkeys 🙂

    Was the polo good?

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