Posted by: mzunguchick | July 3, 2008

It must be the weather

You know over here in these parts, winter has truly set in with temperatures dropping to 11 degrees in the morning (Shocking isn’t it I know), and actually I am sure that one of these mornings I shall awake to snow falling on my roof.

I’m sure all of you out there in the West are shouting at your screens just now, going; “Christ Alive, these people have NO idea of the meaning of the world ‘cold’!”, but hey, It’s the same every year here. We always complain of the cold at this time of year, and that we can’t believe how shocking it is, BUT then it’s the same again next year, and funnily enough the year after as well!! That’s the thing about weather I suppose – it never seems to be ‘just right’!! (although I must say I definitely hear less complaints when it’s nice and warm.)

Anyway, this cold seems to be freezing the brains of our politicians not only in Southern States such as Zimbabwe where Uncle Bob is still skipping about whistling a care free tune, although it seems he has slightly changed tack, i.e. He’s ready to talk to the opposition about some form of coalition government, (after last week telling them all to “Go Hang”).

I’m sure however this is only because he’s seen how it works here, Kibaki is still the President, he has his own chosen sidekick at number 2, and Raila is relegated to third in line, which seems to mean that no matter how much he jumps up and down and makes noise only Kibaki’s decisions count in the end.

So down in Zim, its business “as Unusual as always”, and here in Kenya it’s pretty much the same.

Our dear Minister for Finance, the Honorable Amos Kimunya has got himself into a spot of bother with the whole Grand Regency Hotel deal. Apparently the hotel was sold last week to Libyans for 2.8Billion, and then …..Oh, no, apparently that wasn’t QUITE right and it was sold to some Kenyan registered company (known as Arab African Investment) for rather a lot less, namely 1.85Billion.

Mmmmmmm ………

Meanwhile back in Parliament, a motion of ‘no confidence’ was carried last night on Kimunya ( – I really am not sure that releasing his “Transparency” report on procurement and disposals procedures was such a good idea at the beginning of the week when his very own procedures outline the fact that in matters such as the disposal of an asset such as The Grand Regency Hotel, he had stated that more than one valuation must be done,

(and he, er …., seem to have, er …. Forgot?)

…. and today news is just in says that the Kibaki has called off the cabinet meeting scheduled or this morning, “with no reason given”, that had promised to clarify EXACTLY what in the hell happened with this whole deal of the Grand Regency, so nothing’s changed here either.

Looks like our Mr. Kimunya might just have the right qualifications for a hot position in Mugabe’s government, so I shouldn’t think he need worry too much !!



  1. So your temperature is probably about the same as ours right now. And we’re basking in the height of summer. Hee hee hee 😉

  2. I notice that Odinga was being quite focal at the AU summit though. Good for him.

    It’s a mediocre summer over here in the UK. About 22 ish. Every is, naturally, complaining about the heat 🙂

  3. I hope you have a nice warm pair of bloomers, Miss Chick.

  4. i’m kenyan, studying in SA. i thought i knew winter till i came here. temps go down to 2degress in the morning. hectic. we’re seeing all the southern africa drama first hand, with the xenophobic attacks which got us adopting south african names just to be safe. then now bob with his nonsense… it’s crazy.

  5. Mugabe should have died this morning instead of the Zambian President.

  6. 11 hapana mingi! I am in St Petersburg, near the arctic and temps can get to -35.Imagine landing from Kenya in February when the temps are +30 in Nairobi.And another confusion,its summer and we have 22hours of sunlight,a bad thing if you forget your watch and go on nairobi timing. chicken farmers do not need to much lighting like in kenya

  7. Get some Uggs boots to keep those feet warm MC.
    On another note, I don’t know whats happening to our teenagers here in UK
    This country is fast becoming the worst ever for teenagers. Nearly a week passes without some teenager being stabbed to death.
    I know some boys who have come from Kenya, joined some local schools, then got initiated into Jamaican gangs and within no minute, they are puffing bhang like chimneys, next is xtasy, hashish and cocaine. As for girls, it has become a parent nightmare as their daughters get pimped cheaply by either Nigerians or Jamaican drug lords.

    Parents if your children are already in school in Kenya, let them finish their education there, then bring them here when they are past that adolescent stage, where they wont be influenced by the gang culture of knives, guns and drugs. At least at home if a kid tries to be a nightmare he/she can get a good beating. Here, if you try to cane a child you will be sharing a prison cell with Abu Hamza at Belmarsh.

  8. The culture of wanting everything now is what is driving these kids to crime and boy, its frightening. Its becoming very scary to walk down the streets nowadays. These kids don’t seem to understand that hard work is the only way to achieve your dreams instead of small time thievery. Somebody please tell them that they can’t all be hip hop/rap stars and that there are other careers. I’m yet to hear or see a big British rap star black or white so I do not understand the obsession with music.

  9. Today my doctor told me he was heading home to South Africa for a month to visit with family.

    I thought how lucky he was – but I didn’t realize it was your winter. I also wondered just how safe he and his might be.

  10. Belle – Probably right there 🙂

    Nuttycow – You see, no-one’s ever happy with their temperature no matter where in the world they may be!

    Mr Bananas – I do thank you Sir

    Misscaffeineaddict – Pole, that is cold, and the whole xenophobic thing isn’t good

    Anon – Too true

    Abdul – I cannot even imagine that kind of cold, and the daylight would be soooo confusing. Think i’ll stick to chicken farming in Kenya!

    Anon – I can see that. I watch the English news and would like to say that I would NEVER choose to bring my son up over there in the UK, that’s for sure. Good advice to keep them here.

    Anon – sounds scary

    Aims – shouldn’t worry about the Doc. I doubt Americans will have an issue with the South Africans but YES, he’ll freeze! (although probably not Canada kind of “freeze”!)

  11. Hi MC
    I was ready to bring my Kenyan girlfriend and her kids over here – until I saw the level of education in Kenya. It is far superior to anything they would recieve over here in the UK.
    So I endorse the call to keep your kids in school in Kenya and give them a good education!

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