Posted by: mzunguchick | August 8, 2008

I’m over HERE !!!!

Well, here I am people. My new home.

Notice that I’ve gone with The Lost White Kenyan Chick so that if those smashing well balanced (chip on EACH shoulder) chaps find me over here, they might wind their necks in a little. I was going to go with The Lost Light Brown, or perhaps Dark Brown in the Summer months when I get a chance to hit the beach, Kenyan Chick, but sadly WordPress couldn’t cope ….

so I simplified myself to “The Lost Kenyan Chick Strikes Back ….”

I’m thinking of moving to Washington as my mate Primal Sneeze suggests I perhaps should compete with Paris Hilton for a spot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but I’m not sure that I am such a dab hand with a pink paintbrush.

Believe me though, I’m JUST as H O T as that little Missy …… * Ssssizzzz *
( if of course I am viewed in extremely bad light, have a hell of a lot more clothes on than young Paris normally does, and you’ve removed your false teeth and taken your glasses off!)

Actually, to tell you the truth, I am not relocating my little life too far from here at all – although this blog seems worlds apart from where I started it all up over ‘on the other side’. I shall be setting myself up in a little office up the road from here and shall be returning to the tourism sector – so if any of you out there fancy an incredibly fantastic, once in a lifetime (or perhaps once a year if you’re so inclined and incredibly generous with your money), trip to my part of the world, I am so going to be the chick on the ground to be in touch with.

I shall of course only deal with splendid, sumptuously FAB accommodation but I can tell you that it shall be worth every penny of every minute that you are here, and I shall personally guarantee to keep you away from all nonsense known as politics, politicians, policies, and the like.

You see – could you actually think of anything more splendid? A trip to one of the most beautiful countries on earth all sorted and organised by yours truly!!

Whoah there, hold the phones, I am in dire need of a cup of tea and a little sit down whilst I sort out how this new blog works first ………..

Mmmm, now where was I …………….. ??



  1. Welcome to wordpress 🙂 How are you finding it?

    New layout looking fabulous… plus it means I don’t have to login everytime I want to comment on you 🙂

  2. Ah, so that’s your line of business! I should have guessed really. We shall surely meet one day, Miss Chick!

  3. Nuttycow – Yay, you found me. Am rather confused still with wordpress. May have to get hold of you for lessons. Hope you ok x

    Mr Bananas – Perhaps we should do a small exchange! I would be most pleased to meet up with a large hairy gorilla such as yourself. I’m sure I shall feel pert and petite next to such a beast.

  4. Hi MC – er sorry, I mean KC
    Already have a little pad near the coast (Watamu), but I am building a website for backpackers and middle-aged-kids-left-home-so-let’s-blow-their inheritance-on-a-holiday types. It is in its early stages, but if you look at the home page, you’ll get the idea.
    Hope you like your new blog base. Personally, I find it takes a little longer to load up – but well worth the wait. There is a better class of blogger here, I think I will stay with the plebs for the time being.

  5. Welcome to the world of WordPress. Next move: your own domain. (It’s a migration path most, who become hooked on blogging, follow.)

    I shall update my link right now, and right happily.

  6. Well DM, I shall be dealing with only top end clients with lots of dosh so all backpackers (or smellies as we tend to call them here as they seem to have a serious aversion to soap), shall most definitely be headed your way!

    Primal – Thank you Sir. Although being classed as being ‘hooked’ sounds a little worrying like I may have to do a little ‘drying out’ at some stage!

  7. Now, I would like to know what inspired the Chick to migrate….

  8. Honey, migration was caused due to lack of enough swear words to throw at blogspot as it takes me about 10 attempts to get into any blog over there – even yours! It was too annoying so I had to move on and although not quite got the hang of this one yet at least it loads. 🙂

  9. Well, well, happy to find you! Good move.

  10. we do have an absolutely gorgeous country, yes.

  11. It’s not that bad over in the southern regions of Africa. I mean, you could be a curmudgeonly poor old OOrstraian (Aussie), who has witnessed the All Blacks (Kiwi Rugby team) crush us again……….arrrrgh (
    Good night, time for me to throw myself off the Sydney Harbour Bridge (if only there was enough rope, he he……………… 🙂

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