Posted by: mzunguchick | August 15, 2008

Life, Religion & General Confusion

Well since I have migrated over here I’ve gone a little quiet and I’m sorry for that.  It’s not that there hasn’t been much going on but rather the opposite with far too much going on in my head, and none of it good really.

Being the sort of “la, la, la, whoopy doo” kind of chick that I am, I have found the last week all a bit tricky as it’s been damn difficult to find the “la, la, la, whoopy doo” in any of it.  However I do think I’m now on the track out of the other side and see things a little more clearly now that I’ve done a runner from my life and am currently sitting in the sun on the beautiful Kenyan coast writing “I wish you were here” postcards to all my imaginary friends.  As you can imagine – that didn’t take long and actually I’m not even sure I have a pen!

The week started off badly, and then kind of went downhill from there …….. fast!

I ran away as far as my cheque book could take me and here I now sit in relative splendour well away from my real world.

The weather here isn’t the best it can be for the Kenyan coast but it is pleasantly warm most of the time and although partly cloudy with the odd rain shower in which it is easy to spot the European tourists as they don’t seem to flinch when the rain is only spitting, and the rest of us are hastily packing our things away and legging it to the nearest shelter, it’s really very nice.

I’m psyching myself up for the next phase in my life, and for the moving on from a company that I have helped build and people who have worked with me and who I care for, because sadly it has finally dawned on me that no matter how much I care, those on the top of the food chain with the cash and the bank balances really don’t give a damn for much else but the bottom line.

I’m not saying that I too don’t care for the ‘bottom line’ as of course that is ultimately what makes the world go round, but what happened to compassion and caring for fellow human beings?  Is it that the richer you are, the less you care for others?  Is the only way to become truly successful (in a bank balance kind of way), is to walk all over other people to get there?

As I get older (NB.  I said “older” there NOT “old”!), I’ve woken up to realise that this world isn’t so “la, la, la” after all, and too many Whoopy Doo times become quite Whoopy POO really!

Then, as I wallowed in my self pity of realisation that too many people are just out for themselves and quite two faced, a tragedy happened to a family I know and they lost someone far, far, too young, just starting out in life with so much to look forward to and so much to learn and yet never given that chance to find out, and it pulled me out of my hole and made me realise that here I am with so many chances already handed to me and yet I have wasted far too many of them.

Death always brings on thoughts of religion.  In those that believe strongly in whatever faith it may be, it always seems such a comfort at a time like this, and I have seen many a staunch believer from various religious backgrounds show incredible strength in times of despair and I desperately admire them.

I have no religion to call my own as I have never been christened, baptised or had any other inauguration into any faith at all.  It seems my mother ‘didn’t agree’ with religion and wanted nothing to do with any faith (although she was brought up as a Catholic I believe, and am sure she was just trying to be rebellious which is her want).  However I do believe in some higher power out there who needs us all at some stage, (for whatever reason I do not know), but our dates for moving on out of this world into the next are all written down in a big book and so no matter what you do it will never make a difference to the end result.

Face it chaps, no-one is invincible, and as depressing as death may seem, it’s really not worth dwelling over as funnily enough it’s as inevitable as it getting dark before morning!

SO there we have it, I’m back to “la, la, la, Whoopy Doo” land and have come up with a philosophy that i shall continue to live the rest of my days by, and that’s straight out of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ ………….


Go Po, you ROCK!



  1. I have experienced losing people because of death… I lost my dad, my mom, my bestfriend…for me, death is neither a friend or a foe…

  2. Funny – I could tell almost the same type of story and with the same type of result – almost.

    You go girl….enjoy your present!

    I think the past sucks bad enough that anything in the now is a present!

  3. That’s not a bad philosophy, Miss Chick. Wear life lightly or it will crush you.

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