Posted by: mzunguchick | August 18, 2008

Religion and Controversy

Well, seeing as I got onto the subject of religion in my last post, I thought I should continue the trend ………. hoping that people do have a little bit of a sense of humour when it comes to the subject and are not going to jump down my throat with a bit of lecture, but instead open their minds just to let another opinion filter in. After that of course, you may filter it straight out again and into the ‘what-a-load-of-bollix’ file in your memory bank, but meanwhile, here goes.

As has been well publicised in all of the International Press over the last year, it seems the latest religion amongst the celebs out there in ‘Hello’ magazine is of course ‘Scientology’.

Well, from an article in our Saturday Nation, it turns out that it’s sneaked in here to Kenya too but not with the pomp and glamour of its white, seven storey building in amongst the palm trees of Beverly Hills, but quietly into the third floor of an ordinary looking building stuck between two Christian churches here on the outskirts of Nairobi City Centre.

Reading through the article, what struck me, although you may beg to differ and don’t hesitate to correct me on this one as I’m really rather confused I must say, but as I see it, this looks like a religion that was made up by a marvellous chap called Mr Ron Hubbard …..

L. Ron Hubbard - dodgy looking carrot I'd say!
L. Ron Hubbard
(A dodgy looking carrot I’d say)

… who more than likely had a bit of a sordid past, and was strapped for a bit of cash most probably and so therefore came up with a terrific new religion totally based on the fact that sin does not exist!

Smashing Mr Hubbard. From what I’ve got from the various websites I’ve looked at is that it’s all about confessing and confronting your sins and by doing so clearing the guilt from your mind and skipping off into the blue yonder as happy as a skylark who’s just been released from a cage the size of my take away coffee cup!

Don’t get me wrong, Sunday’s sound like a blast. Instead of having some chap preach to you, or having a bit of a sing song or anything else as uplifting, you just hand over a bunch of cash and some marvellous fellow assess your IQ and personality and then balances it all out and gets you to therefore fulfil your ‘true potential’ – whatever that may be.

Apparently (and this is the bit that totally sold me), when you get really good you can telepathically move things that are miles away with the power of your brain!

Excellent news for all I’d say. No wonder it’s hooked such celebrities as Tom Cruise and John Travolta. I mean with all that travelling they do, it must play havoc with the housework in their various pads dotted across the globe and all that telepathic stuff must be superb to be able to tidy up and do a bit of dusting at your next destination before you arrive.

BUT, and there’s always a ‘butt’ in these things, (or a bunch of arse whichever way you look at it), there are also the critics who say that what this religion is all about is getting a bunch of celebs to confess their naughtiest secrets and then blackmail with that information so that they support them with wads loads of cash, and recruit a bunch more fellow celebs to the cause.

Mmmmm – now that sounds much more plausible to me and my sceptic side.

What I do think though is this really sums up the fact that all ‘religion’ is really very personal, and as long as it’s dear to you and you can hang onto it to get you through the bad times then I think everyone should find a religion they can call their own. And if you don’t find a path that suits you, not to worry as it seems that you can just make one up and even perhaps earn a few bob in the process!

It could save you a fortune on the psychiatrists couch if nothing else!



  1. Here! Here!

    Love it!

    That religion makes my mouth drop wide open and the flies zoom in and out.

    What a load of unbelievable shit they preach! And the thing is – they are all really wealthy! Above and beyond the rest of us! Does it have to do with the thetans? OMG!

    I like mine – it’s personal and quiet and brings me peace when I need it and it’s all inside of me. Only drawback is – it doesn’t make me wealthy – but it does make me content. Ah well.

  2. I can’t imagine what kind of Kenyans would follow Scientology. Aliens have never been big in Arica. The bare-titty, earth-mother religion of Kola Boof sounds a better bet to me.

  3. i am sold. 😀 where do i sign up? will this make me rich? <- this is a valid concern, no?

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