Posted by: mzunguchick | August 20, 2008

Obama, Kenyan Superhero of note …..

My cyber chum Primal Sneeze sent me through this little snippet from the Irish times which I found very enlightening …

Turns out that while Obama’s father came from ‘our sides’, it seems his mother’s roots are in Ireland.

Well, I mean, how smashing is that. No matter that ALL Kenyans will receive automatic green cards on the mention of ‘NATIONALITY: KENYAN’ on their application forms but we’re also going to qualify for a bit of an EU passport too – courtesy of the Irish!!

Things really are looking up – don’t know what our man Kibaki’s on about with his NO dual nationality thing

– Hell, being Kenyan, American AND Irish is just going to be standard from now on surely. In fact I think they should just reprint all our passports in red stars and blue stripes with green and gold harps scattered all over without further delay.

I must get onto it with our Immigration minister Mr. Kajawang immediately.
(I hear he’s all for going against ‘senior advice’.)



  1. How McCain can try to hint that Obama isn’t a true American is beyond me. I think ” not fundamentally American” was his term of choice. Since most people here (Chicago) think they’re Irish, Obama is definitely one of them.

  2. Well done, eh, “sister”, you got our national symbol correct – the gold harp. Maybe when Obama’s elected his first law will be to stop the American public from associating Ireland with that damned shamrock nonsense.

    For some more Obama-is-Irish giggles check out these:
    YouTube (The start is bit flaky)

    From Sky News (Starts with ads)

    ps. The preacher man in both is blogger, <a href=””PaddyAnglican.

  3. Damn! Can you fix the link I messed up in my a last comment, please.

  4. Expat mum – Surely what’s best for the country is better than where you came from – especially if George Bush is anything to go by, best they get a little more broadminded!

    Primal – I thought all the Irish are about shamrocks and green stuff – Oooops my mistake!! He He. 😉
    As for sorting link – not sure what on earth I was supposed to do but think it kinda works! x

  5. I dont see why the government is fussy when it hears duo citizenship. Would we have been entertained by the talent that South Americans have in football if their countries didnt allow duo citizenry?

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