Posted by: mzunguchick | August 25, 2008

Jump on the bandwagon …

Well, after Mr Githongo announced that those looters of public coffers should put their hands up, say “Yup, I stole all your cash”, and in return claim amnesty, we have a had a few takers it seems.

First there was Martha, who back in March had this to say with regards to those who may have perpetrated post-election violence;

10 Mar 2008 … Cabinet minister, Ms Martha Karua, has ruled out giving amnesty to perpetrators of post-election violence.

BUT then, I read the ‘Business Daily’ today with regards to Mr Githongo’s appeal for amnesty for looters and the little lady pops up again, but this time with a slightly different tack on ‘amnesty’ when it comes to Mr Githongo’s bright idea of letting all the looters get away with public money;

25 Aug 2008 … Justice minister Martha Karua defended the amnesty offer on the grounds that the country could not deal with past corruption forever.

Ooooh well, Mrs Karua, you’re not trying to tell us anything here by any small chance are you?
Is it that stealing cash is absolutely fine as long as you’re not violent about it ???

Not to worry, I understand our VP Kalonzo is jumping on the looters amnesty bandwagon too – along with a few more “It certainly wasn’t ME!” high profile names before the end of the week I’m sure!

It’s not all bad though. Listen to this –

An unidentified fellow went to Kencom bus stop (the main bus terminal in Nairobi city centre), yesterday evening and again this morning and was said to have paid the matatu fare for all the passengers on 5 different matatus and then disappeared!

No-one has a clue why he made such a generous gesture as he never identified himself apparently, but I do know that there are a lot of Kenyans keen to know at which bus stop this fabulous gentleman will be at tomorrow morning, because there will be a large crowd of people standing by, and NOT boarding any public transport before he gets there!

If anyone has any further information on this marvellous man who is so keen to pay out all Ma3 fares, please get in touch soonest!!!



  1. Golly, only just beginning to catch up and look, you’ve gone a moved!! I shall correct my blog roll and google reader forthwith 🙂

  2. Its been a while since I was here! The amnesty debate is such a sensitive topic that I personally wouldn’t say anything about it until may b am in need of it.

    The fare paying gentleman! Never heard of it till now! Its long since I was at Kencom! If he had come months before I moved I would have been lucky!

  3. @Belle – Thanks there love. Glad to see you here x

    @Supreme – Karibu Tena. And if you catch the fare paying gent – red alert and we’ll all come running!

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