Posted by: mzunguchick | August 28, 2008

The Mystery Man Strikes Again ….

Well, the marvellous mystery man with wads of cash has been at it over the last couple of days popping up all over the place and paying matatu fares, filling up cars with petrol and yesterday even buying some lunches I understand.

No-one seems to still know who he is.  Talk is that he must be something to do with politics as that’s how all politicians win anything in this country – with a spot of cash!  Discussions on the radio focus on this fellow being jolly nice to everyone and being branded some kind of mystery hero, and then once he’s a superstar of note, he’ll announce who exactly he is and then run for parliament!

Sounds quite plausible BUT I have another theory!!

Personally I think it’s a plan that was to distract the public when Raila’s wife was rewarded with a monthly 400,000 shillings salary (around US$6000) – which of course is a heck of a lot more than 99.99% of all of us earn in these parts.

You see when President Kibaki’s wife, the delectable Lucy, was honored with a sweet half million shillings a month – who was the first to start jumping up and down ??  … Er, well that would be Raila surely, and now when Mrs Odinga gets given a rather large salary too – who’s the quietest chap in the country ?? … Er, well that would be Raila surely!!

SO you see, perhaps the mystery man is more than likely linked to this issue of the VP and the PM’s wives being put onto the government payroll, and was supposed to serve as a decoy for the ladies receiving fat salaries for nothing that they didn’t actually do already.

Sadly for them though, it seems the little scam has gone and backfired, as headlines in my favourite local daily comic, the Nairobi Star is;


Although I must say I am still trying to track down this marvellous chap as I personally have no shame in accepting a bit of a hand out, and if anyone knows which petrol station he may be heading for to fill up a few cars, I’ll get myself down there in a flash!

– By the way, back page of all our dailies today is much more exciting as our Olympian heroes return.

But of course, there will be a small debate ………



  1. Are the first ladies also fat ladies? It would seem to make the fat salaries more appropriate.

  2. Hey, love your new home. The “Mystery Man” turned out to be an advertising gimmick for Zain, these guys are actually giving away Kshs 50K per day…

  3. Fat salaries for fat wives…so the story goes…

  4. He has finally unmasked himself! I dont know why we forget so fast. I remember when Kiss100 opened, they had this stunt they pulled on us. They said Caroline Mutoko had been kidnapped creating a furore in the city only for us to learn it was actually a PR stunt. I guess it was powerful but I didnt really move me as search. I wish it was a new company new product say like Econet, they’d have had us all talking.

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