Posted by: mzunguchick | September 2, 2008

“Fat Wives need Fat Salaries” ??

OK, so the talking continues all about the spouses of the top slot chaps being put onto the government payroll so that yours truly and every other Kenyan can now donate yet more of their hard earned cash to pay for the ladies pocket money.

My cyber chum round at Sukuma Kenya has outlined it for us if you look here, and talk today in the dailies has a bunch of commentaries on exactly whether we should be shelling out this cash to these women or not.  Opinion seems to agree that these fabulous wives will of course have a load more visitors round the house and therefore are arguing that this cash is for ‘entertaining’ purposes.

But hold on a second, can we just get slightly real here – er, $6,000 a month for tea and biccies??  Christ alive, what are they serving – gold dusted muffins with diamond chips?

Surely those large gentleman sitting at the top of the pile can afford a few cups of tea and a packet of ‘House of Manji’ specials once in a while without us handing over thousands more shillings that this country can ill afford?

Can I just say though that I am a little perturbed by the ‘Fat Wives need Fat salaries’ title, as it seems we are suggesting that the larger one’s rear end is, the more salary they deserve??

If this statement has any credibility whatsoever, it seems that I am thoroughly UNDER paid and those gorgeous models that we catch on every cover of those flash glossy magazines, including that slim ‘mobile swinging’ fox Naomi Campbell are obviously highly OVER paid for the size of their backsides, and perhaps we should be rather judging the size of Lucy’s bum versus Mrs Odinga and Mrs Kalonzo to find how much of our riches should be handed out to each of these dear ladies!!

PS.  Turns out that chap handing out all the dosh round town is just a gimmick to promote some cell phone company and not some fat cat politician trying to win over our hearts ….

How dull !!  I do rather prefer a bit more scandal to chaps rushing about with wads loads of notes.



  1. Have you seen Lucy recently? Feel free to complete the poll currently on my blog.

  2. Ida is not accepting the allowance. Very sensible, thank you Ida.

  3. Now, now my dear Lost Kenyan Chick there is little need to be perturbed nor disturbed about your back end. The title of the Sukuma post is “Fat Salaries for Fat wives”. Should you fall into the category of “Fat wives” then I suggest you ask Ida who has been kind enough to forfeit hers as Rafiki has pointed out (and Sukuma has been quick to congratulate her)…

  4. @ Rafiki – have voted on your blog! I haven’t seen Lucy recently and I miss her – has anyone had her checked into Mathare by any chance or are they just keeping her tied up at home?

    @ Dipesh – thanks hon. I knew I could rely on you to stand up for the size of my bottom!

    … and YAY to Ida!

  5. And we should say that fat wives do not necessarily (necessarily of course) need a fat salary……..:)

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