Posted by: mzunguchick | September 3, 2008

In Kenya we have everything !

You see Kenya is really one of the wonders of the equatorial region.  Not only can we pay our government higher salaries than those in Europe, we even do a spot of snow ball fighting once in a while just to keep us on our toes!



  1. Damn! Is that freak weather or high altitude?

  2. I saw that! Bizarre!!

  3. So you’ll be offering skiing holidays too?

  4. I thought it was an April fools taradiddle till I checked the date again on the paper. The House of Yahweh should have made a meal out of the situation! Damn , if I was the church leader I would have fired the marketing department.

  5. The funniest thing about this was that these dudes were charging 10 bob if you wanted to photograph this strange sight! Only in Mt. Kenya!

  6. Most definitely we shall be offering superb skiing holidays once we have the chalets built and the lifts working – watch this space!
    ……… although please DO NOT go holding your breath anyone!!

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