Posted by: mzunguchick | September 11, 2008

Do you think the Brits will EVER forgive us ??

So where were you Sunday ?

If you weren’t sitting in front of the box watching the Belgian Grand Prix, please stop reading here and hum yourself a little tune instead as what I’m about to drone on about will not make the slightest bit of sense.  But for the rest of you, what can I say??

Read this and weep if you’re a Kenyan!

How can those Brits ever forgive the FIA for the most ridiculus bloody decision ever made in the history of motor racing, and *cringe* one of the officials at the race was a Kenyan!

For goodness sake, I would have thought a Kenyan would have more heart than that.  I mean Christ Alive, does that boy deserve absolutely no credit at all for keeping it on the road rather than in the wall ?  He was driving along like he was on Waiyaki Way in a storm in Rush Hour – it was an awesome bit of driving – and please can even ONE Nairobian swear that he does not view at least one accident per kilometre as soon as the heavens open in this country, …… and as for ‘illegal driving’ – well, it’s yet another thing that even just the one Kenyan can surely not profess to have ever NOT paid the odd cop off after totally ignoring those traffic lights that they put in the MIDDLE of the roundabout that are totally irrelevant to man or beast, and yet you can be sure that the day you jump them there will be a chap in blue waiting patiently on the other side for a small ‘cup of tea’!  Or how about that quick “phone call from the hospital that you just HAD to take” whilst driving along the highway with no hands on the steering wheel as it happens that the phone call is SOOOOO incredibly stressful that you actually had to smoke a cigarette at the same time and that happens to be in the other hand so that you don’t burn your ear!!  Come on now peeps – which one of you can honestly stand up straight and tell me that you haven’t bent the rules just a weeny bit once in your lifetimes (-OK, perhaps not as often as me, but still!)

So what on earth was that Mr Thati thinking??  This isn’t about being British or Italian or any other nationality, surely this should be about “GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP”, and Mr Thati – I’m afraid you seem to be missing yours!



  1. wait. why was Hamilton busy taking short cuts by attempting to recreate the rhino charge with a formula one car cutting across the field instead of using the allocated bit of tarmac. did he not notice there were no extra points for less kilometres travelled?

    pity he was not driving in Kenya, where no cops means you can pretty much do anything you wish on a road/pavement/field/island/road divider of your choice.

    i may be guilty of a number of infringements related but not limited to speeding, powersliding through roundabouts, jumping lights, random scandinavian flicks, overtaking queues and so forth. money may or may not have changed hands when stopped for such flambouyant driving.

  2. The boy Hamilton had no choice but to go off the track to avoid a collision. He gave back the lead and there is no way what he did was equivalent to a 25 second penalty.

  3. … and why weren’t both Ferrari drivers penalised the previous week? Massa nearly pushed anothe car into the pit wall when he cahrged out of his bay and Raikkenen left the pits befoire he was given the green light and took the pump man with him.
    It was stated then that any penalties would be dished out after the race – but weren’t.
    Now convince me that there isn’t a down on Mclaren in favour of Ferrari.

  4. not an LH fan, but even as a ferrari-damu supporter, I can say Hamilton got robbed by the stewards. F1 plays these political games to keep the suspense going to the wire, as they did last year. I think, even if he had not crashed, Kimi may have finished fourth or worse

  5. mr.thatthi should get a matatu driver to show them how to drive on limited space

  6. It was awful!!

  7. I agree with Gorilla Bananas, Hamilton was clearly pushed off the track.

  8. Mr. Hamilton HAVE a choice though, he can slow down and return to the right track, but no, he choose to go straight forward and take that lead.
    In my opinion, regardless that he surrender that position later he deserves the penalty for that mistake he make.
    oh i’m not a ferarri fan boy though, i’m honda fan boy 🙂

  9. great job

  10. i did a review of your blog on my magazine…/

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