Posted by: mzunguchick | October 1, 2008

So what’s the way forward if you’ve got any cash?

I, along the rest of the world, have been watching the financial world fall about our ears.  Here in Kenya though, finance doesn’t seem to feature too highly in the news, and whilst the world’s headlines have been all about the collapse of the markets, our front page news has been much more exciting such as;

“Kenyan Men Firing Blanks”, “Minis are here to stay so better get used to them, say women”, and “Don’t force Luo men to be circumcised”.

So, here’s my theory on the whole mess.

As it seems that Kenyans are extremely good at acting like ostriches and burying their heads in the sand with their minds on much more interesting things like women’s legs, willies and sex, the money crisis can keep sliding us by.  first thing is of course, we don’t actually have a lot of money – that’s the ordinary Kenyan we’re of course talking about here as all those in government positions are no doubt sweating a little and will perhaps be not be getting too much sleep at the moment as their mattresses are bulging with smelly, sweaty thousand shilling notes, but for the rest of us.  Well, we sleep easy as the mattress isn’t lumpy at all, and what little we do have should be spent as fast as possible because it seems the future is not guaranteed anyway and so we might as well have a little fun while we can!

Kenyans have an awesome trait, which in some cases is incredibly tricky to negotiate, but in a financial crisis worldwide such as this one, seems the best way forward, and that is – LIVE FOR TODAY, TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY.

With regards to saving the planet for the future, or thinking of anything past the weekend is incredibly tricky, and people struggle to have us look after our world for our children for all we can think of is how to spend the little money that we have burning a hole in our pockets, and which pub which we should visit on Friday.

But then again, perhaps if the whole world thought this way, this financial crisis wouldn’t be so much of a crisis after all as how I see it is that you might as well spend the bloody stuff if you have any because leaving it in a bank seems to be a complete waste of effort at the moment as you may wake up tomorrow, the bank will have gone under, and all your hard earned cash will disappear into a banking black hole whilst the world’s high powers f… it all up once more.

So there you have it, the way forward ……. Let’s go shopping and PARTY !!



  1. Interesting. Here (USA) we have the media panicking on behalf of everyone else because not many people (including myself) really understand all the leveraging that went on to get us to this situation. Bush is getting all the blaim, and it will be interesting to see what Palin says about it tomorrow night. (It will also be interesting to see if we ever get a “bailout” through.)

  2. I am glad that the Zim dollar is gaining some ground!

  3. Do Kenyans milk the cow or eat it? That tells you a lot about people.

  4. Apparently the CEO of Equity Bank is being sought by the Wall Street to advice them on how he runs the Bank. At the same time, I was wondering why Equity does not make as much profits as Standard Chartered & Barclays while they have a third account holders of what Equity has. But I guess it has something to do with loans and target clients

  5. I like your take on this. I figure the world has been through worse before, so we’ll survive this ‘crisis’ too 😉

  6. living for today i am. now where can i catch my next Burn? I need to dance this friday away. stress to be alleviated and stuff..

  7. It is scary – no doubt about it. I tend to get all worked up about it and then turn my head – as if I do it might just pass us by.

    Because I can’t work I’m even more scared. What will happen with the economy and what will my paltry disability pension cover?

    I need a holiday – but can we afford one?

  8. this is positively brilliant- financial crisis is only in the eye of the donor:) are we wrong or are we right? my Aussie friend is off to withdraw all her cash from the bank and buy gold bars off e-bay… as a true Kenyan, I had no idea that was a possibility, let alone a reality…!

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