Posted by: mzunguchick | October 3, 2008

Our beautiful country ………

I thought I’d share with you all a few pics of what my new job is all about ………

…… and they call this ‘working’ by the way!

It’s OK – I don’t mind if you hate me, just save up your pennies and come and join me!



  1. Oh yeah … I’m more than a little jealous sitting here in Redneckville, USA.

  2. Is that Lake Victoria? How about a picture of the 5 star accommodation?

  3. A dirty job I suppose, but someone has to do it.

  4. oh no, i don’t even know you but i hate you already ;). what about the big deadly snakes and scorpios and other scary things?

  5. Beth – Karibu!

    Mr Bananas – ER, LAKE VICTORIA ?????? Honey, get your atlas out, this place is in LAMU – on the northern coast of Kenya!!
    Check out to see pics of accommodation, etc.

    Primal – I know – terrible isn’t it, but I shall suffer in silence!

    Tina – big deadly snakes and scorpions and other scary things are much more scared of you than you are of them and are rarely seen as they tend to leg it as soon as they hear people at all!!

  6. Have been in tourism since I was 8. What a life!

    My brother has a white-water rafting business – so every summer I’m back in there…helping – not working – helping. And seeing the smiles on the people’s faces and knowing their day made them happy. It’s worth it. That’s the only thing that makes it worth it.

    Here’s a blog that ‘might’ interest you –

  7. OK. You have me convinced. How do I drive there from Salt Lake City? I’m not very good at maps and things.

  8. seems like my dream job, fishing via laptop

  9. Big up to BBC for the Big Cat Live Broadcast on the web and on TV from Masai Mara.
    Our Kenyan media is absolutely rubbish when it comes to innovation. Why can’t they broadcast such programs live like what these guys are doing? There we go again BBC takes all the credit but, BBC IS DOING AN AWESOME JOB PARTICULARLY IN PROMOTING TOURISM AND CONSERVATION. KUDOS BBC AND KEEP UP THE INNOVATION SPIRIT WHILE OTHERS SLEEP.

  10. No fair!

  11. Yes, yes, nice pretty beaches, coconuts falling on your head, lovely lovely. Yes, we will take this very personal now that you are truly a lost Kenyan chick!
    Look forward to the little quirky stories from the from playing stragne games with the boys of the islands…

  12. Not envious. At all.

  13. What job is that? I want a job like that!
    This is so unfair.

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