Posted by: mzunguchick | November 3, 2008

Are you ready? …. because Kisumu City IS !!

Well, as I swim my way through my own personal haze of confusion, Kenyans sit on the edge of their seats as here we are on the eve of the Presidential election.

If you live in Kenya, it’ll be hard to believe that it’s not actually happening in our own country because the amount of ‘OBAMA’ stickers and t-shirts and other paraphenalia hanging about all over town today is quite something.  And everyone you talk to – apart from the expat Brits of course – who just want a conversation about Lewis Hamilton and what a stormer of a race that was last night …….  which I have to admit to having watched myself AND even gasping when Lewis went into 6th position and then cheering when he overtook Glock and ended up back in 5th at the finish!! ……  can I just say *really really quietly as I don’t want to cause an international incident*, that someone should perhaps advise the young Mr Hamilton to shuffle a few bucks to that Timo Glock chap’s way because I’m afraid I have to agree with the doubters and say that in my humble opinion – the entire World Championship was held in Glock’s hands last night and it was totally his decision in the end as to who won this 2008 season


Where was I – oh yes, everyone you talk to (bar the Brits) has one thing on their mind and that is their cousin / brother / uncle – by the name of the one and only Barack Obama is so going to make Western Kenya a very affluent place by tomorrow evening!

The airport has had a lick of paint in honour of the imminent arrival of ‘Air Force One’ ….

.. school’s have been appropriately renamed ..

.. and everyone is getting some last minute fishing in

– as we understand rumour has it that all those from the lakeside will be exporting fish to Obama’s home town before the end of the week, and “Omena”* and “Ngege”* will be the new “Beef” on every menu throughout America.

(* er, for those unfamiliar with our ‘Omena’ and ‘Ngege’ (although I can assure you if you live in the States these will be household staples before the week’s out) – they are types of fish caught in Lake Victoria and are the essential part of every diet in the whole of Western Kenya!)

FOOTNOTE FOR THOSE READING THIS ON EXTREMELY TALL HORSES:- All Kenyans are incredibly proud to be directly related to Mr Obama, and in fact some of us are more related than most – his mum came from my mothers side of the hills and his father and my father were neighbours way back then, so can I just let you know that I shall be the absolute first in the line welcoming Air Force One at Kisumu Airport and shall have my cool boxes packed ready to ship out.



  1. I wonder if we’ll get a visit first.

    Personally, I’d rather visit Kenya any day than Moneygall. But that’s just me.

  2. its obama fever all over the place. was at a certain watering hole last night frequented by his “cousins” among others, iddi achieng and others hung out to stories of his imminent victory….

  3. You mean Kenyans only want Obama to win so he’ll give them some cash? How disappointed they’ll be!

  4. @ Primal – you would be most welcome in our neck of the woods anytime.

    @31337 – Obama rocks! Even at school my son tells me that one teacher told all the kids they should vote for Obama as he would let the kids off school! My son is extremely keen for a victory!

    @ Mr Bananas – We don’t need his cash to feel proud that he is our brother!

  5. I fell off years ago. The horse, I mean. Gawd, seeing those photos makes me howl with the pain of homesickness.

    I have a pair of very grand nephews who are half Kenyan….well….no…all Kenyan ‘cos their Mama was born there too. I have absolutely no doubt that either one of them or both will be President of Somewhere, someday.

  6. oh, don’t forget the nile perch…..

  7. Wow. Isn’t Kisumu Airport looking safi sana!

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