About Me

Kenyan Chick.

Single mother of one small boy, three enormous dogs, two tortoises, a selection of horses and one lost African grey parrot who we miss loads.


  1. As an ex Tanzanian/Kenyan — born and brought up in Tanzania but lived in Kenya too I really enjoy reading all about life out there whilst I freeze in good old blighty!!. Especially during the recent troubles having heard about you on BBc radio 5 deep in the middle of a sleepless night some months ago. so thanks for keeping me amused

  2. Hi,

    I am a former volunteer returning to Kenya for a visit next month. Would love to correspond with you. YOu have my email.


  3. […] Straight from her about page: […]

  4. Just chanced on this blog while looking for something else… some antiques… Anyway why did you get lost, and of all places in Kenya? I think I have found you. I also think I need to be rewarded… What sayst thou? I find the items here great… Nick. Tsavorite.

  5. A nice read…. now i cant account for my afternoon!!

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